Friday, June 3, 2011

stop hurting me

Hmm, stop stressing me. Aite everything has changed now :'( So should i be like that too? Should i? Hmphh, i try to stop hurting ppl, i try to make them smile like i did before. But then, im not strong enough now. Im weak, why ppl love to hurting us? Pls tell me the main point is what? Im fucking bored with this games. If i had did something that make uolss feel uncomfortable with the new of me pls come and see me. Tak perlu lah nak tabur fitnah macam ni, sebab mulut kau semuanya jadi kucar kacir. Kepercayaan semua hilang entah kemana. Pls, respect my privacy if i can respect yours why dont you aye? Sebelum aku sumpah kau, baik kau undur diri kau dari aku. Jangan nanti masa kau nk SPM datang susahkan diri nak minta maaf salah kau. Dude some mistakes are too big, and the word sorry from you seems too small for me :)

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