Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello my beloved readers :)

Nah, i woke up an early morning today -,- pheww i dont get enough rest actually. Hell yaa, and then i took my phone and log on my acc fb. And i saw i got 1 post wall from amy and i asked her "apakah mahumu" and she asked me to see her new album photo but then i cant see it clearly so i switch on my pc. When i saw that picture i was like ":O WIHIIIIIII WHAT A FUFU ARE YA MAN?" and i feel so sorry with Amy's. Naaaaah, let him be dah memang sikap dia mcm tu dari dulu memang takpat nak ubah.

*And you man! What is going with you haaaaaaa? What do you want from them and us? Haihh -,- please stop bothering their life. Tak reti erti penat ke buat orang macam ni? Nah! Our middle finger doesnt enough to show you how fucked up us with you man. Did you realize that your actions now are damaging their happiness? Did you braaaah? Haihh, please stop it and yucksss thats not totally funny. And yaa, we pray for your goodness ;) Hope one day you'll regret

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