Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hukhuk :'(

Please dont tell me not to cry, please dont say there was a reason why. You dont know what i am feeling and i how much i hurt. The wet spots are from tears on the coller of this shirt. You think i should go on with life forget about it and be strong. But, deep down im sad, and i dont want to go along. I dont expect you to understand why. For no apparent reason i break down and start to cry. My life has changed forever, you see. And that is why im not acting like the same old me. So please dont try to act like nothing happened. Bcs its change my life forever, it will never be the same again. Not today, tomorrow but never! The best thing you can do for me is be there. Just like always, my friend. My broken heart is hurting bad. And it will never mend

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